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- Christian Rommes' Flight Status - Track flight status, flight times, flight departures, flight arrivals, airport delays and other flight and airport information in real time from over 6000 international airports.

- Quicklink's Quick Aviation Links

- Michel Klaver's New Phriends of the F-4 Phantom Pages

- Frank Ellinghaus' Solar Thruster Sailor (STS)

- Vic Stathopoulos'

- David English's Great Aviation Quotes

- Roger Withcomb's Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays

- Wim van Diermen's F-22 Raptor Page

- Darrell Hillier's Aviation in Newfoundland and Labrador Page

- Hankie Hoogstrate's Plane Writing Page

- Muche's Warbirds

- Koop's Aviation Resource

- Mike Gruntman's Astronautics and Spacecraft Design Page

- Edmondo Orlotti's Space Related Site

-Evert van Koningsveld's Aviation Page

-Brian Roberts' space/astronomy hotlist

-Alexei Gretchikhine's Russian Aviation Page

- Airship and Zeppelin pages @ Colorado

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